» New Release - A Countess of Convenience

A Countess of Convenience book cover

In Victorian England, Anthony Fairchilde, the earl of Malvern, is tricked into a compromising situation with a tradesman's daughter and must marry her to prevent a scandal. He's determined it will be a true marriage of convenience, but his bride is so unimpressed by his rank and yet so responsive in his bed, that she's soon the only woman he desires.

Prudence Crump has dreamed of finding love, but faced with the threat of a scandal that will make her unfit for respectable employment, she's forced to agree to the earl's arrogant proposal. She's determined to protect her feelings from her husband's charm, but he stirs surprising emotions within her.

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» Historical & Sci-Fi Romance

Historical Romance Books Stacked/Lined-up covers

In the SILVER HEIRESS, a pampered heiress is rescued from Mexican bandits by a homesteading rancher and then forced to marry him. In a far away galaxy, a male warrior, in PASSIONATE WARROIRS,seeks to tame a female warrior who comes from a unisex planet. A frontier school marm is miraculously transferred to a modern western city and must convince a police detective that she's trustworthy in TRUST IN LOVE. In SALLY'S SWEET SISTER, a prim preacher's wife is accused of murdering her husband and a flashy gambler is the only person she can turn to for help.

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» Erotic Historical & Contemporary Romance

Erotic Historical & Contemporary Romance Books Stacked/Lined-up covers

THE FETCHING FOUNDLING is about a young woman raised as a foundling in a Victorian village who goes to London and learns surprising things about her past and her future. A recently widowed lady, in BESIEGING HIS LADY, who was abused by her first husband, has no desire to remarry, but the king says she must. While in THE SUCCUBUS, in Medieval England a lady is forced by her husband to seduce the husband's nephew. The nephew discovers the truth and seeks revenge. A lady lawyer and a landscaper, who were teenaged lovers, meet years later and seek to re-ignite the flames of passion in FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE. A knight sets out, in A KNIGHT IN THE DUNGEON, to convince a lady that she really doesn't want to become a nun. THE MADAM TAKES A MATE is about a notorious madam in the old west. In need of a husband, she finds a cowboy with amnesia, and mayhem ensues.

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» About Sarah Winn

Hi! I'm Sarah Winn.

I was born in Kansas, have lived for a time in both Hawaii and California, and am now firmly settled in what I consider my adopted native state, North Carolina. I left my first career as a scientific research assistant in areas that included bugs, bacteria, and food to pursue my first love, writing. Following the advice that you should write what you like to read, my first novels were historical romances. I started in the American West, have also set stories in Medieval England, Victorian England, and a couple in contemporary times. I even traveled to a far away galaxy in Passionate Warriors. The one constant in my fiction is romance. I love a good love story.

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